Hair Care Tips

  • Always inspect your hair upon arrival. K. Sparrow Beauty provides unprocessed hair extensions so no two bundles are exactly the same.
  • Wash and detangle your extensions using your preferred products. We suggest products that are sulfate free. You may also deep condition the hair if desired.
  • Lay hair on a towel to completely air dry prior to installation.
    • When installing the extensions, do not cut or puncture the weft (unless absolutely necessary) as this makes the weft more fragile and promotes shedding. Sew around the weft and use the "flip over" method to maintain the integrity of the weft. You can also use a hair sealant to seal the weft, although this is not required.
    • Post-installation, brush hair thoroughly to remove any loose strands prior to styling.
    • Consult with a professional hair stylist prior to coloring your extensions.
    Wash Day
    • Wash and condition extensions no less than once every two weeks.
    • Wash hair in a downward motion using warm water. Do not massage the hair, as this will result in tangling.
    • Co-washing with a moisture rich conditioner ONLY is recommended. However, if you are experiencing product build-up, use a sulfate-free clarifying shampoo to thoroughly cleanse the hair.
    • Deep condition extensions for a minimum of 15 minutes. Remember, the longer the conditioner sits on the hair, the more hydrated and softer it will be. We recommend letting the conditioner sit for a few hours or even overnight.
    • Rinse conditioner using cool water to lock in the moisture.
    • Apply a lightweight leave-in conditioner, serum or heat protectant spray to hair prior to styling.
    Daily Maintenance
    • Use a synthetic bristle brush to detangle your extensions daily. Remember, natural tangles may occur due to wind or friction.
    • Apply a lightweight, alcohol-free serum or oil (pea-sized amount) to hair for added shine.
    • Wear a satin scarf or bonnet to bed daily to maintain quality of the hair.